We know Consumer Reports rates everything from automobiles, to computers, to home appliances. But what about healthcare? Well, a recent Consumer Reports article on surgery in some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals is causing some to question their ability to be involved in healthcare rating.

2500 Hospitals Rated for Surgery

Man-Flu-wooden-hospital-bedRecently Consumer Reports Magazine looked at nearly 2500 US hospitals across all 50 states and rated them based on the quality of their surgical care. The magazine looked at Medicare and Medicaid data that measured length of stay and post surgical complications for each hospital facility. Surprisingly, many of the nations most well-known hospital centers fell squarely in the middle of the pack under these ratings.

According to the medical director for Consumer Reports Health, Dr. John Santa, these types of ratings look at overall quality of care. Not surprisingly, some of our largest hospitals are taking issue with the magazine’s rating system. Many hospitals that appear at the top of the famous U.S. News & World Report healthcare rankings did not fare well in the Consumer Reports ranking. Among them, The Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Hospital Rating System Under Fire

Whether you agree with the ratings system or not, I think these types of articles help consumers to better engage with the quality of their care. Hospitals need to have better transparency about the quality of care in their facilities. The Consumer Reports article gives patients information and helps to give them ideas for better questions to ask when planning for common surgical procedures. Perhaps a bigger, more well-known hospital is not the best option, either economically or for the quality of care provided. Patients should have access to this type of information so that they can make a better informed decision about their care.

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