Continuing our look this week at stories surrounding care for children, let’s take a look at a recent report on the benefits of breast milk for infants. I don’t think any of us would argue that breast-feeding is the best option for babies. However new research is continually needed to support these and other healthcare decisions.

Study Shows Link to Mother’s Gut Bacteria

Breast FeedingA recent study published in the journal environmental microbiology, shows that babies get beneficial bacteria transferred from the mother’s gut to the baby through breastmilk. This study from the Institute for Food Nutrition and Health in Zürich, Switzerland, found several strains of beneficial bacteria important for gastrointestinal development in breast milk. While they are unsure how the bacteria got from the mother’s gut to the breast milk, they have cultured the bacteria and showed that it is the identical bacteria in both locations.

When I hear stories like this I continued to marvel at the amazing design of our bodies and how they work. Whether you call it Divine intervention or a marvel of nature it is all pretty cool. Either way we need to continue to encourage new mothers to breast-feed and the study gives us more ways to encourage and educate about the benefits of breast milk for infants.

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