Finally, in the last story, we continue our pediatric and family team this week. And a story from the Battle Creek Michigan area, we looked at a two-year-old program called the Nurse-Family Partnership. The program teamed nurses with first time mothers involved with the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC) or enrolled in Medicaid. These new and prospective mothers would begin a meeting with the nurse on a regular basis while they were still pregnant continuing those visits weekly until the child was two years old.

Encouraging Healthy Behaviors and Parenting

Female-Nurse-Thumbs-UpThe program encouraged healthy behaviors, vaccinations, and better nutrition to encourage good parenting and healthy children. As one mother said, her child was a picky eater but the nurses intervention helped teach her to provide healthy foods, and a variety of foods for her child avoiding problems with obesity.

I think programs like this demonstrate exactly why nurses’ active involvement in community programs and access to care is so important. It is unfortunate that so many programs like this and up getting cut or cut back during these times of budgetary crisis. I think it’s important for us to promote the benefits of these programs and the long-term cost savings of having a healthier population, especially in such a high risk group.

What do you think? Let me know by shooting me an email to and telling me about programs like this in your community.


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