Kicking off this week’s news we look at a story coming out of Seattle, Washington. A nurse practitioner there is under investigation by the state health department because of recommendation for two children to receive medical marijuana. The two children were brought in to the nurse practitioners office because they were losing weight. The subsequent diagnosis of a wasting disorder spurred the nurse practitioner to recommend a medical marijuana treatment for the children to increase their appetites.

Legalized Medical Marijuana Causes Problems

CannabisWhile medical marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, experts are on the fence about prescribing it for the use in children. That is ultimately what spurred this investigation and potential disciplinary action against this nurse practitioner. Proponents for increased use of medical marijuana and marijuana derivatives say that there are versions of the treatment with less psychoactive side effects appropriate for use in pediatric patients.

A pediatrician, however, working at Seattle Children’s Hospital said that she has never considered giving a child medical marijuana. She states there is simply no evidence for that treatment. Medical marijuana has been in the news a lot lately with so many states changing their marijuana usage walls.

New Jersey is the latest state that has allowed expanded use of medical marijuana including use for pediatric patients in certain situations. I’ll try to follow up on this article and let you know what the hearing at the State Department of Health in Washington determines regarding this nurse practitioners treatment plan for these kids.


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