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Women smokers tied to more lethal strokes, healing damaged heart cells, UK kids and obesity, and we’ll visit with nurse podcaster Suzie Farthing in a special interview segment this week. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it. It’s the Nursing Show.

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Welcome to the Show

Suzie Farthing, RN Podcaster

Suzie Farthing, RN Podcaster

Well good day and welcome to this episode of the Nursing Show. I’m your host Jamie Davis. I’m looking forward to this week’s episode. In the news this week, I bring you a look at some of the similar problems being faced in other parts of the industrialized world with child obesity. Then, after the news, I bring you a great interview with fellow nurse podcaster, Suzie Farthing as we chat about her nursing career, nursing education and her podcast One Love for Nurses. We’ll have all of that and more later on in this episode of the Nursing Show.

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If you want to get back in touch with me, please drop me an email. You can send those e-mails in to I love to hear from you and I make sure I respond back to every email that comes in. Send me links to news items you’d like me to cover, interview suggestions with you or somebody you know. Whatever the case may be, keep those e-mails coming. That’s it. I will have more contact information coming up later on in this episode but I guess we’ll go ahead and get on to the rest of the show as we get ready for this week’s news. Don’t forget to check out and support our sponsors and tell them you heard about them here on the Nursing Show.



Women Smokers Face Increased Risk of Lethal Stroke: Review

Scientists Make Damaged Heart Cells Healthy Again in Lab Tests

Despite Olympics, half of UK kids ‘not exercising enough’


Tip of the Week – Interview with Nurse Podcaster Suzie Farthing

On this week’s special interview segment, I bring you another nurse podcaster, Suzie Farthing from the “One Love for Nurses” podcast. Suzie has created a unique show focused on a faith-based approach to nursing that I really think you should all check out. We also talk with her about her nursing career and education and what the future holds for nurses. Check out this interview segment with Suzie, coming up next.

Links –

One Love for Nurses — Nurses United in Spirit & Purpose!

Jamie Davis, RN & Nursing Conference Insights

Jamie Davis – Nursing, New Media & His Perspective


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Wrap Up

Digital_Globe_smThat’s going to wrap up this week’s show. I want to thank all of you for checking out the Nursing Show this week and urge you to follow up on the information you heard in this episode by heading over to and checking out the show notes link at the top of the page. In there are the listings for all of the episode show notes for the Nursing Show from the most recent episode all the way back to episode one. Get the full information there so you can understand how to apply what you hear on the show to your own nursing practice or studies.

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That’s it for me. I’m your host, Jamie Davis. I’ll be back soon with more episodes from the Nursing Show, out here every Friday for you to wrap up your week. In the meantime, please remember to stay safe and stay tuned here to the Nursing Show.

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