Kicking off the news this week I bring you a story from the UK. Two healthcare workers there were recently fired after posting what are being called inappropriate pictures and posts on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The posts included an online discussions back-and-forth about which patients were likely to die first, discussions about hangovers after a weekend of partying, and pictures of one of the nurses putting on an adult diaper.

Don’t Breach Patient Confidence Online

Social-Hipsters-speech-bubble-mediaIn addition to the fact that these types of confidence breaching posts are certainly out of bounds for healthcare professionals, it’s also a reminder for us always to remember to use some common sense when posting anything online. It is also a good idea, wherever you work, to investigate your company’s social media policies with regards to anything you post online publicly. Be very careful about posting information about patient care or your feelings about your workplace.

These two nurses really stepped over the wine with the things they posted online. You can go to the article I have linked in the show notes for this episode and see some of the pictures they posted on their accounts. I think probably what got them in trouble was that they listed their places of employment and occupations in their social media account profiles.

We Need Online Nurses

I am a big proponent of being active on social media and especially as healthcare professionals, because we can do so much to be positive role models for healthy activity and healthy behaviors online. So, please keep posting. Keep being active online, but make sure you are doing so in a responsible fashion.

I’m sure you have some opinions about where employers should stay out of peoples’ business or not, so share your comments back with me here and the rest of the Nursing Show community by leaving a message on the website in the article comments for this episode, or shoot me an email to I look forward to hearing from you as always.


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