Next up in the news is an article that looks at the younger generation of nurses and how they view the future of the nursing profession and healthcare. AMN Healthcare, a company that is involved in healthcare staffing, surveyed over 3,000 nurses about their outlook on the future of nursing and changes in healthcare. The survey found that younger nurses were much more likely to be positive about the future of the profession including the projected shortage of nurses and the increased use of technology in the workplace in things like electronic medical records (EMRs).

Technology Generation Gap in Nursing

Excellent-Gesture-Nurse-girl-thumb-upI’ve seen this type of generational gap in nurses here on the show with my interviews and also the emails I receive from the audience. There is a definite technology gap related to age in the nursing population. Older nurses are more resistant to changes in the workplace like the addition of EMRs and see problems related to staffing and future nursing supply.

The majority of both groups still believe there will be a shortage of nurses in the future bit the older nurses are more pessimistic about that future, it seems. Where do you fall on this spectrum? I know there are a lot of changes going on right now in our hospitals with new technologies and adjustments to the way we handle and manage patient care.

Is Bedside Nursing Going Away?

It has become more difficult for many of us to be the kind of beside nurse we want to be with all of the time constraints reduced staffing levels and high demand patients place on us. It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to bring you the interview later on in this week’s Nursing Show episode with the Nerdy Nurse, Brittney Wilson about her book for nurses on technology.

If you are one of the many nurses out there, young or old, who find themselves intimidated by the increases in technology used at the bedside or maybe just want to get caught up on the technology revolution, I urge you to get the information you need to succeed and pick up a copy of Brittney’s book, The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. You will find the resources you need to get back in there and be a confident user of technology in there, I’m sure.


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – A Visit With The Nerdy Nurse, Brittney Wilson and Episode 270.



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