As we wrap up the news this week in our first episode of the new year, I suppose I should issue a ‘Science Alert’ for you. I’m going to delve into some cellular biology in the next news item I wanted to warn you all. I’m a huge science and technology geek and sometimes a story catches my eye that I read and re-read and want to know even more.

Getting A Handle on Calcium Channels

Charger-Battery-electricityOk, so what am I talking about? Scientists have gotten a handle on how calcium channels in cells membranes work. This is how the cells transmit electrical signals and is the foundation of everything from muscle contraction to neurotransmitter release. This is the target of numerous medications as you know.

Calcium channel blockers are essential cardiac medications that manage blood pressures in many patients. But until now, the specific mechanism by which the cells selectively allow calcium ions in solution to pass and not simultaneously pass similar sodium ions has eluded researchers. Now they understand how the calcium ion pass through three selective bonding sites in the pores in the cell membranes.

Calcium Channels and Numerous Medical Problems

This is important because better understanding of the mechanism allows for better and more effective medications to manage a variety of medical problems. Epilepsy, hypertension, congestive heart failure, depression and more might all be managed by more selective calcium channel managers which are more precise than those clunky calcium channel blockers out there now. I’ll keep you up to date on this and other things on the horizons of medication creation as they come out.

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