Medical-Professional-Nurse-MaskCha-ching! That’s what some Nursing Show audience members are hearing when they cash in on the special code from Advanced Medical Certification (AMC). AMC has been partnering with us here at the Nursing Show for a few months now and many of you have checked them out. Now you can get 15% off your online certification class in ACLS, PALS, or BLS simply by using the code MEDICCAST15.

AMC offers the perfect combination of ease of use and a thorough approach to the material. They certify hundreds of medical professionals from all fields every day. Here’s what you get when you sign up for their online certification:

  • Free digital provider card as instant proof of certification
  • Free comprehensive study materials available with certification courses
  • Free certification provider card mailed out with free shipping

There are no onsite clinical skills sessions or tests required and the classes are crafted to meet all certification needs. Plus, your account never expires so you can gain access to your course materials and exams any time you need them and now you can get a 15% discount just for checking them out. When you sign up use the code MEDICCAST15 and get your discount.

Visit them directly by going to and check out their excellent online programs.

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