Well, it’s been a bad year for health care related software roll-outs. We all know about the hassles with Obamacare back in the Fall. I just found this other story about how the new BreEZe nursing licensing system in California, implemented back in December is also having major software issues causing new nursing grads there and others seeking licensing or even verification of licenses big problems.

NCLEX Testing Dates Delayed for Grads

Frustrated-student-smNew nursing grads are waiting months instead of just weeks to get a NCLEX testing date from the state nursing board, and traveling nurses looking for associate licensure and employers seeking to verify a license are also running into delays and snags. The new system was supposed to replace an ancient computer system first put in place back in the 1980’s but now there is a call to reinstate the old system which only had a two week backlog, not 6-7-or-8 weeks of backlogs.

According to the article, every time the software team fixes one glitch another one or two pop up. This isn’t just affecting nursing licensure but also pharmacy, dental, and state health contractors. If you’re in California and are a new grad you are essentially waiting for nursing board workers to enter your paper application data by hand and then hand processing of your testing information and more.

Hospital Nurse Hiring Slowed

This is a major snafu and is causing hospitals who can’t meet staffing level requirements under California law to complain to lawmakers about the system but at this point there’s little they can do until all the glitches are worked out. The article gives no date for the system to be up and running as expected. If I were a nursing student set to graduate in California this spring semester, I’d be very concerned about my near-term nursing future since a two or three month backlog could mean that you won’t test or get a new job until the end of the summer or beyond.

I’ll try to keep track of this story for you and see what I can report on in a future episode as it hopefully gets better soon.


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode –Digital Fitness Tools for Nurses and Patients and Episode 284.



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