Finally in the news this week, I bring you an article on the search for more nurses to fill jobs around the country. This time around, I thought I’d bring you one from sunny southern California. According to this story out of Long Beach, California, they look at the day of one Long Beach nurse who mans a roving health clinic that travels around in a specially equipped RV. The author sees at her as an example of the expanding healthcare marketplace and the way that there will be expanding roles for nurses out there, and increased demand for nurses, too.

Nursing Jobs Are Out There

nurse thumbs upJust like the previous article on the FTC policy paper promoting nurse practitioners, this article also talks about the increased need to advanced practice nurses. They cite a recent Rand Corporation report that says that the expanded use of nurse practitioner-led clinics and programs will likely be the thing that saves people falling through the cracks because of physician shortages. As more people come on board with health insurance, the need to have a primary care home is going to overload the already taxed system of primary care physicians we have.

I suggest you look at this article if you’re having trouble finding that perfect nursing job in your area. If you’re interested in moving and trying out sunny, southern California, the listed hospitals and their projected job openings over the next few years is going to excite you. I hear from nurses frequently who say there are no openings in their area for nurses. That is often the case in places like Florida. But, as this article indicates, there are nursing job openings out there all over the country if you’re willing to relocate. I suggest you check it out.


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode –Getting Back to the Art of Nursing and Episode 288.



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