First up in the news this week is a look at what one state is doing to work through the nursing shortage in their area. Colorado is taking a two-pronged approach to dealing with the shortfalls of healthcare staffing.

Two Pronged Approach to Health Pro Shortage

Nurse_group_young_oldFirst they are continuing their focus on being the healthiest state. If more of the population is healthy, then they won’t need medical and nursing care as often. That’s an important aspect of healthcare that many systems don’t focus on.

Second, they are looking at increasing the number of available positions in healthcare education programs like nursing schools. This includes working to increase the numbers of nursing faculty members available to teach in those programs.

Nursing Educational Facility and Faculty Development

This is an interesting article because the reporter literally stumbled upon the steps that Colorado is taking to combat the nursing shortage. He was looking for a location for a staff development program at a local college and talked with the director of the nursing school there to see if there was room in one of their sites.

She was more than happy to accommodate him, providing him space and also educating him about why their facilities are so modern. I know that nursing schools across the country are in a growth spurt right now and it appease that Colorado Northwestern Community College is growing, too.

The thing is, if you’re part of a local nursing school faculty, you might want to arrange a tour of your new and upgraded facilities, sim-labs, and other educational tools for local news outlets and reporters. See what you can do to show off your programs and shed light on the things you still need.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Flu On Call Pandemic Nurse Triage Line and Episode 292.



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