First up in the news this week is a story about a New Jersey law called the Hero Act focusing on the importance of organ donation. One aspect of the law affecting nurses is the requirement that they must take a mandatory, one hour organ and tissue donation and recovery continuing education program. It also affected the nursing school curriculum at schools in the state.

Nurses are Integral to Organ Donation Process

Nurse_Surgery_mask_thumbs_upThe law is important because it recognizes that nurses are integral to the success or failure of many potential organ donations with one organ registry stating that nurses make the initial call 95% of the time. They say “it is a nurse driven process.”

The mandated CE course for all nurses licensed in the state of New Jersey must be completed by May 31 of this year. There are many online versions of the course that can be taken for the required Continuing Education (CE) including one at that is linked to in the article. If you or someone you know practices in New Jersey make sure you forward this article link to them.

Law Increases Organ Donation in New Jersey

For the rest of us, perhaps we should voluntarily take a look at organ donation education and see what we can do to encourage more registrations and organ donations in our communities. Most of us haven’t received any specific education on organ donation or registry, either in school or afterwards.

According to the article on the New Jersey law, they have seen an increase in organ donations and potential organ donors since it went into effect in 2008. Maybe you can affect a similar surge in your areas through a little education.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Public Health Digital Disease Detection Tools and Episode 294.



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