Finally, let’s take a look at the infection prevention experts of the future. The University of Michigan’s School of Public Health is training nurse specialists to take on this specific role in the future. They have created a certificate in Public Health specializing in Infection Prevention.

Controlling Hospital Acquired Infections

Nurse_Surgery_mask_thumbs_upThe goal of the program was to educate the students in how to prevent, and if necessary, control hospital acquired infection outbreaks. The courses in the program include specialized programs in hospital epidemiology, microbiology and sanitation for patient care environments.

The Certificate in Healthcare Infection Prevention (or CHIP) program graduated its first group of 10 this year but the two-year program is now seeing 20 or so students signing up annually. These specialized nurses and public health professionals bring their skills to help facilities combat the growing issue of hospital acquired infections and point to yet another nursing specialization that could be part of your career path as a nurse.

Nurses Integral to Healthcare System Growth and Change

I love looking at articles like this because they underline how integral to our health care system nurses are. We continually see these specialities cropping up with nursing as the common denominator for the root education. This makes sense when we look at the origins of modern nursing all the way back to Florence Nightingale and her work in changing the hospitals for the soldiers in the Crimean War.

You’ll remember I also did a news item recently a few weeks ago on the nurses who are specializing in bio-engineering. I’ll continue to bring you these types of specialized programs to help you map out your career and make changes that keep you interested and passionate in your nursing path. If you see one in the news that I don’t, please make sure you email me with the link so I can share it here on the show.

Remember that it’s a community effort to do so. Email me at or leave the link in the comments for this episode. I look forward to hearing from you.

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