Finally in the news this week is a piece of nursing research that might impact the number of call bells we have to respond to during our work day. I’ve seen this type of study before and this study seems to back up the findings of all the others I’ve seen. The study, published in the Journal for Healthcare Quality, pointed to an hourly rounding system for nurses and other assistive staff could improve patient quality scores and reduce the number of calls to the desk for assistance.

Formal Education Reminds Nurses to Round

InsightsinNursing_appletouchThe researchers implemented a formal education program to inform nurses and other staff members of the importance of hourly rounding and how it changes patient scores and outcomes and improves staff time management. Other nurses and staff didn’t receive the formal education component and were just told to round hourly.

The authors of the study found that for the formal education group, hourly rounding improved quality scores and reduced the use of call bells to the bedside. Some of us, me included, might say “Well, Duh!” but the point of this study was that we need to actively educate our nurses and staff on the importance of hourly rounding and other patient care improvements. We all know that if we spend more time with our patients, they have a better hospital stay.

Time Management for Patient Care

That doesn’t mean we manage our time to do that all the time. This study says that continuous formal education on the topic can improve everyone’s hospital stay from the patients all the way down to the nurses and staff on the floor.

You might want to read this study for yourself and see if you can’t implement something like this formal education component in your facility and see what the outcomes are. I think you’ll find your managers receptive, especially since these programs improve overall quality scores for the unit which improves the hospital’s standing.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Instant Voice Helps Intubated Patients Talk to Nurses and Episode 307.



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