Next up is a look at a new pressure ulcer monitor that attaches to your patients and coordinates and alert you when they have not turned on their own and might need your help turning or repositioning themselves. The Leaf Patient Monitoring System intelligently automates turning schedules for large groups of patients and prioritizes patient turning needs.

Sensor Determines Patient Positioning

leaf-patient-sensorThe wireless sensor’s tri-axial accelerometer accurately monitors patient position (Left, Back, Right), alerts when assisted turns are necessary and confirms adequate turns are being performed. The system also ensures that sufficient tissue depressurization occurs between turns.

The Leaf system works like this. Plug the antenna unit into any  outlets in the room just like a night light. Put the Leaf Patient Sensor on the patient’s chest just like an EKG sticker. Then you register patients through the Leaf user-interface and set up the desired turning parameters. The system then automatically starts coordinating and optimizing your patient turning schedules.

Lightweight Sensor Perfect for Patients

From a patient’s standpoint the Leaf Sensor is light-weight and unobtrusive. They are able to move around without wires or bulky belt sensors and they can bathe normally. For us nurses the Leaf system offers a high-degree of configurability in order to best accommodate existing nursing workflows. Caregivers can choose desired turning intervals, tissue decompression times, and much more in the computerized system.

I think that this kind of sensor is a great idea and could be coupled with other sensor types to give a one-stop sensor package eventually. I’ll keep track of this and other developments like it in the future here on the show. I might even try and track down someone from the company and see if they could come on the show and talk about pressure ulcers and their system in person.

Let me know if you’d like something like that in a future episode.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Chatting With Nurse Practitioner Podcast Hosts and Episode 325.



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