Finally in the news this week for nurses is a look at electronic health records and what Congress and the Federal government are doing to make sure that they all play nice with each other. Congress recently directed the office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to decertify those EHRs that don’t facility the easy sharing of health information with other EHR systems.

Electronic Health Records Must Cooperate

telemedicine-nurse-stethoscopeThe change came as part of a recent federal funding bill and it says that he approved systems should only be those that meet the current meaningful use guidelines. Those programs that block the sharing of information should not be supported in the continued use within the health care system. One thing

I wonder about is how will this affect those medical devices out there that have data components that can share within a system. You know, things like heart monitors, blood sugar monitors, even IV pumps, all could be worked into a healthcare IT program. But how easy is it to get them to share their data?

All IT Capable Health Devices

I think that all medical contributors to the health record, including medical devices and software should be inter operative on at least a basic level. This should not require a walled garden where the information wouldn’t be shared effectively unless your purchased specific products or services from certain companies. This type of conduct only serves to hinder positive patient outcomes.

So I’d like to see this policy expanded to all health care IT capable devices and data collection. Let’s make it so that all our devices play nice with each other in the patient’s best interest.

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