Next up is a great article I found on the use of online educational methods as an alternative to in-person traditional educational methods. According to an educational review conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), online education is just as effective as a teaching tool for learning as traditional education. This means that many more people could be trained in key roles like nursing and other medical professions without having to attend expensive education programs like traditional nursing schools.

Educational Prejudice in Nursing

Nurse-Lap-Charting-writing-smThis has long been a debate for some online nursing programs who have not been able to gain accreditation for their programs or licensure for their graduates because of what they call prejudice for traditional college and university programs. I think this prejudice definitely exists and we see this type of education snobbery in the continued downplaying of the associates degree trained nurses out there who are the backbone of our nursing profession.

While I think that a bachelor’s degree offers many advantages to an individual in broader learning, it doesn’t necessarily make them a better nurse. There are a number of studies that show that ADN nurses are just as safe a the bedside as BSN nurses and there are problems in the methodology and focus of those studies that disagree. I think that the same might be said about the incidence of online learning and medical training.

While there is no substitute for gaining actual clinical experience, the fundamentals and theory of nursing can be learned in a variety of ways. What do you think? Let me know. Shoot me an email to or leave a link on this article at

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