Next up in the news this week is a report that looks at states preparedness to handle major infectious disease outbreaks. Recent news reports have highlighted the issues in the national preparedness for infectious diseases. Look at the Mumps outbreak in the National Hockey League or even Angelina Jolie’s chickenpox both related to lack of vaccination or booster shots.

Report Shows Holes in States’ Preparedness

hazmat-suit-blue-orangeThe report from the Trust for America’s Health came to the conclusion following it’s review of individual state’s preparedness levels that more than fifty percent were unready for a major outbreak. This included their ability to detect the disease to begin with, treat the infected individuals and prevent the spread of the illness.

The Infectious Disease report cites the recent Ebola scare that raised concerns across the U.S. Now, a few months later, the public outcry has cooled and the public health officials have scaled back their plans to make changes to the existing system. The report looked at ten factors in preparedness including vaccination rates, medical center infection control preparedness, and local surveillance efforts in cases like e Coli and HIV.

Five states fared relatively well in the report including Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. Arkansas was dead last with only two of the ten markers checked off. Check out the article in the show notes link and see where your state fared. You might want to come up with a personal plan for you and your family when an outbreak strikes.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Cancer Survivorship and Support Programs and Episode 326.


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