Finally as we hit the last news item for nurses in this week’s episode, I bring you a look at a program in Minneapolis that you might be seeing your community soon, too. The University of Minnesota School of Nursing has opened a new nurse practitioner community health clinic in a downtown neighborhood. Their goal is to provide a primary care resource to the community members who may not have a primary care provider of their own.

Nurse Practitioner Autonomy Expands

confident nurse practitionerThis is all coming about because of a change in the law in Minnesota that allows advanced practice nurses to practice without physician oversight and see patients on their own. This is something we are continuing to see around the country as other states update their nurse practice acts to reflect the need for additional primary care and specialty resources. Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Anesthetists can now practice autonomously in that state after completing about 2000 hours of supervised work in their specialty.

The new clinic is just one of what is expected to be a large number of similar nurse practitioner-led offices around the state. The hope is that the increased healthcare access this provides to the communities will help with a severe shortage of primary care physicians. It is certainly an exciting time to be a nurse at any level and especially as advanced practice nurses.

If you are interested in advanced practice nursing in your career, you might want to check out the episode from a few months ago where I interviewed the hosts of the Nurse Practitioner Podcast. You can check out that episode here on the Nursing Show site and check out their podcast over at

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