Finally, in another informatics note, I found a great article over at on how health professional mobile apps are becoming integral to the health care process. A recent survey health professionals showed that nearly fifty percent of them are planning to use some sort of health app in their clinical practice by 2020 but most are not using them now.

Few Health Pros Using Apps Now in Practice

Nurse-telemedicine-tabletOnly about 16% of the current health professionals are regularly using healthcare apps in their current practices but many of those who don’t use them now, see themselves doing so in the near future. It’s interesting that while just under half see themselves using health apps soon with their patients, 86% say that such apps would help them care for patients. So where is the disconnect? Based on that last number, we should see nearly 85% saying they’re going to use.

I think that many older nurses are still afraid of the technology surrounding mobile devices. I see it here on the Nursing Show. I have other shows on healthcare topics, but when I look at the demographics of the audience here, many of you are not checking out the show on your mobile devices.

Nursing Technology Divide

I see this technology divide as a challenge for all of us, all nurses, to take on. We need to spread the word about how we use apps and electronic tools to help our nursing practice. That includes telling people about things like the Nursing Show, the Nursing Show mobile app and the accompanying website. That also includes any other health related podcasts you listen to.

You should also be talking up every other app or service you use. Do you have a favorite Medication or Pharmacology app? Then tell people about it! We have to be proponents of electronic tools for health care knowledge, education and practice. If we don’t do it then who will?

Let me know your thoughts and favorite tools and maybe I can do a segment on it here on the show in an upcoming episode. Shoot me an email to or leave a comment on this article in the show notes at Let’s pool our resources and get this ball rolling!

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Preventing Nurse Workplace Injury and Episode 340.



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