Kicking off the nursing news this week is a look at a recent program in Florida to improve maternal and newborn health through regular nurse visit to at-risk moms in underserved communities. The report from the program entitled “Enhancing Neonatal Wellness with Home Visitation” talks about how the program used these home visits for newborn and maternal wellness to encourage mothers to breast-feed.

Preemptive Intervention Encourages Breast-feeding

Sleeping newborn baby. The first days of life of the newborn girlThis nurse visit happened within the first week after birth and coincided with the time frame that other research had shown that mothers were most frustrated with breast-feeding of their new infants. The program showed improvement from 38% breast-feeding at six-months of age before to 56% of mothers still nursing their babies six months out.

Other benefits shown by the program included earlier recognition of complications following childbirth like newborn jaundice and this resulted in shorter hospital stays when those infants were admitted. The programs organizers and authors of the report in the journal “Nursing for Women’s Health” said that their results show that women need more support for breast-feeding after the typical time frame for support at this time.

With 24% of mothers never breast feeding their children despite all the evidence for its benefit to the child and mother, programs like this one for nurses to work with new mothers is vital to improving infant and maternal health and wellbeing during this important time frame. I constantly look for programs like this one where nurses are implementing research that not only yields best practices for better patient outcomes but also proves the value of nurses yet again to the healthcare system outside of the walls of the hospital.

Remember, though that the Nursing Show is a team effort. If you know of a groundbreaking nursing research program or research out there, you need to send me a link to it or connect me with the nurses involved so I can feature their work here on the Nursing Show, too. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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