Next up in the nursing news is a great article I found about a new digital app for mobile devices and nurses. E-Kare from Baltimore based Tissue Analytics is an app that helps assess, score and track healing for wounds and pressure ulcers in our patients. This is a better approach than the current system of plastic rulers and just eyeballing the wound area and making a judgement call about healing or stage of the wound.

Overestimating Wounds and Staging

Tissue-Analytics-ScreenshotSome studies have found that nurses and other wound care professionals in  healthcare overestimate wounds staging and size by up to 40% when measuring. The e-Kare app uses the camera in a tablet or other mobile device to capture an image of the wound, scan its margins and measure it. The app can then compare the image to previous images of the same wound to track changes over time.

The app can also compare a newly documented wound in the system to stock images of known, previously assessed wounds to standardize staging assessment for initial care. The co-founder of Tissue Analytics says the app “takes the guesswork out of wound care.”

This is just the beginning of using our mobile devices and their cameras to document what is happening with care of a patient and will greatly add to the ability of electronic health records to really give subsequent caregivers for a patient a picture of what is happening with the patient. The app is being tested now in clinical settings to study effectiveness, outcomes and also patient cost savings. I’ll keep track of this for future episodes of the Nursing Show so stay tuned.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Prisons, Nurses, Wizard of Oz and Nursing Show Episode 349.



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