First up in the news for nurses is a look at the business of healthcare for a change. No, don’t turn the channel or fast forward, you need to know this stuff. Nurses are the primary patient advocates in the healthcare system. This means that we have to understand all aspects of the patient’s health and wellness and that includes their financial burdens that may influence their healthcare.

45 States Get Failing Grades

health price transparencyA recent initiative for more health price transparency and affordability put out a report card for the 50 states and District of Columbia in the U.S. and found that 45 of them get a failing grade. The Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute put out their annual report on health pricing transparency.

The grades look at each state’s legislation from the previous year that makes health prices between hospitals and medical facilities more open to interpretation and comparison. New Hampshire moved from a “F” last year to an “A” score this year after putting out a new state funded website called NH HealthCost.

HealthCost provides information on the price of medical care in New Hampshire by insurance plan and by procedure. It also provides an estimate for uninsured patients. Through HealthCost, New Hampshire residents can compare prices from health care providers throughout the state on more than two dozen medical procedures, including MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays.

Check out this innovative health pricing website at I’ll have a link in the show notes for this episode. You should be an advocate for a similar initiative in your state to make health costs transparent for consumers so they can make reasonable decisions about where to get their healthcare in their area most cost effectively. I’ll stay on top of this here at and give you updates in the future.

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