Missing men with depression, Maine looks at death with dignity, a new OSHA program fights healthcare workplace injury, and we’ll look at two innovative products from the NTI Critical Care Nurses Conference last May. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it. It’s the Nursing Show.

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Welcome to the Show

Good day and welcome to this week’s episode of the Nursing Show podcast for nurses, by nurses. I’m your host Jamie Davis and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out the show this week. First up, in this week’s nursing news items, we look at how our healthcare system is failing to support the mental health of men with anxiety and depression disorders.

Then in this week’s double tip segment from NTI 2015 in San Diego, I have two innovative products I reviewed while attending the conference. One is a novel approach to patient care and ambulation and the other is an innovative new approach to monitoring pulse oximetry. We’ll have that and more later in this episode after the news.

If you want to get back in touch with me, please drop me an email. You can send those e-mails in to NursingShow@Gmail.com. I love to hear from you and I make sure I respond back to every email that comes in. Send me links to news items you’d like me to cover, interview suggestions with you or somebody you know.


News Links –

Mentally Ill Men Falling Through The Cracks

Maine’s New Look at ‘Death With Dignity’

OSHA Program Preventing Nurse Workplace Injury


Tip of the Week – Blickman’s Nezzie Provides Safe Patient Ambulation and an Innovative New SpO2 Monitoring Technology

Nick-Marinis-ScreenshotThe benefits of early and frequent ambulation for patients are proven. But the demands on nursing staff are significant. Supporting safe patient mobility means nurses may have to disconnect and reconnect lines and devices. And then up to 3 nurses or other staff may be required to safely carry and manage IV poles, oxygen, pumps and monitors during patient ambulation. The Nezzie by Blickman is an IV Pole System that manages multiple devices, pumps and oxygen bottles while providing a stable support base for patients during ambulation. I chatted with Nick Marinis from Blickman while at the NTI Critical Care Nurses Conference back in May. Check out this interview segment.

John-Moscarillo-Xhale-ScreenshotNext up is a look at a new technology for the monitoring of pulse oximetry in our patients. Traditional digit-based pulse oximetry presents several challenges to effectively and efficiently monitoring a patient’s parameters. Because of the distance from a patient’s heart to the fingertip or toes, a digit-based pulse oximetry sensor can result in a delay to the detection of the start of desaturation and the nadir in patients and an even longer delay in the detection of the lowest oxygen saturation point. John Moscarillo from Xhale was showing off his new pulse oximetry reading technology that provides much more reliable readings from the side of the nose. I chatted with him about this new and innovative product in this segment coming up.


AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses)


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