First up in the news for nurses is a look at how to help our patients, and ourselves, age more gracefully, especially mentally. June was Alzheimer’s awareness month and the Alzheimer’s association put out a press release on “10 Ways to Love Your Brain.” We all know about those brain games and puzzles that have been purported to improve memory and brain power. The Alzheimer’s Association wants to debunk some of that false information.

150 Million To Have Alzheimer’s

memory retention and healthWith nearly 150 million people expected to suffer from Alzheimer’s in the next 30 years, there must be something we can do to improve our brain power and sure up our memory retention, holding of even the natural slowing that aging brings. It doesn’t take tricks or specially designed games either. It takes living a healthier lifestyle both in body and diet.

Maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system through regular exercise and proper diet may be the big secret to hold off some of the effects of aging. Researchers now believe that tiny micro strokes in elderly people that go unnoticed are the primary causes of regular dementia and mental decline. This is not a cure for Alzheimer’s but for the rest of us, cutting down the risk of these micro strokes is our best bet to mentally age more gracefully.

We’ve long known the benefits for overall cardiovascular health of exercise and diet but this is one of the first articles I’ve seen that extends this benefit to mental health and memory, too. So encourage your patients to get more active and move towards a healthier diet, and while you’re at it, jump on that bandwagon yourself.

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