Next up in the nursing news this week is a look at a program in New Jersey that seeks to develop more nurse leaders by pairing nurses with, hopefully, the perfect nurse mentoring. The Organization of Nurse Executives in New Jersey called this process a little like a dating program.

Building Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow

nurse mentoring for leadershipNew nurse leaders and managers fill out a form with their goals and desires in developing their leadership skills and the mentorship committee works with that checklist to find the perfect nurse mentor for them. If the pairs that find they match up well, they go ahead and commit to a year-long mentor/mentee relationship. For many in the program, the relationship continues long after that initial year.

This type of proactive nurse mentoring is something I’ve long been talking about as I urge you to become a member of your professional association in your nursing specialty. Most of these associations have organized mentor programs and even those that don’t have official mentoring programs offer ample opportunities for networking and finding career advice from peers.

Nurse Mentoring, Not Bullying

While there are always those articles about nurse workplace bullying out there, I think we should be focusing on those efforts to raise the bar for nurses and leaders in our profession. I’ve never met any nurse who got where they are without the help of a mentor of some sort. It’s time for all of us to pay it forward.

If you’re new in the profession, seek out a nurse that you respect and build a professional relationship with them. Learn what they have to teach you. For those of us who’ve been around the block for a while, it’s time for us to reach out and look for those rising stars joining our ranks. Nurture them and encourage them. Build their support network and confidence and then encourage them to pass it on as well. It’s high time we build up the nursing profession from within rather than tear it down.

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