Next up is a look at a new trend in medical care start-ups that promises to create new opportunities for nurses at all levels. How many of you have used the UBER car service when traveling? If you aren’t familiar with how it works, you use a smartphone app to select your location and your destination and a contracted UBER driver near you offers to take you from one place to the other for a fee set by the app. You enter your payment information and any tip at the end of the drive directly into the app, protecting your payment info and simultaneously getting the driver a payment quickly and easily.

House Calls Via Mobile App

digital-nurse-practitioner-house-callsImagine taking that business model and putting a nurse practitioner or physician into the mix with a house call. There are companies doing just that in major urban areas like L.A., San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. The companies go by names like Heal, Pager, and Medzed. Their goals are to bring non-emergency medical care directly to a person’s home or hotel room.

These home care services can do everything from treat strep infections to suturing wounds. The charges run around $100 to $200 for a home visit by a physician or nurse practitioner, in some cases guaranteed within an hour. You can’t get that kind of service from a repair or cable guy.

Telemedicine Consult by App

One company, Retrace Health, combines a telemedicine approach with the home visit by starting the consultation over the app in a video conference for just $50 and then charging up to an additional $150 if the nurse practitioner needs to come to you and do a further assessment or do a blood draw or throat swab for a strep infection.

This is purely a convenience service as most insurances are not billable for these visits but according to the article at, a patient can use their health savings account card to pay for the visit. Check out the entire article for all the exciting details. This could change the way healthcare is delivered, at least in some communities.

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