Finally in the news this week for nurses is a look at a Reuters article I found about increasing life expectancy for the world’s population. They looked at a study of major illnesses and injuries in nearly 200 countries to track outcomes. Overall, health and longevity have improved around the world but while we are living longer, those elderly people are also living with more chronic illnesses.

Life Expectancy and Chronic Diseases

Girl-Planet-Life-Expectancy-world-healthAccording to researchers, the challenge for world health officials has shifted from prevention of major infectious diseases, thanks to education and vaccine efforts. Now they are needing to refocus their efforts on how to combat and prevent diseases that develop over a lifetime and cause significant disability later in life that causes expense to the healthcare system. Most countries in the study saw an increase in life expectancy, but a few saw minor decreases which may be statistically insignificant.

What this means for nurses here in the U.S. and in other countries is our continued efforts to lead the public health charge in our communities to combat and prevent the onset of things like heart disease and diabetes. These are the battles of the new millennium of healthcare and nurses are on the front lines of that battle.

Nurses as Health Advocates

We all need to look around us and become better advocates for health and wellness in our communities in ways that can improve the health of not just the patient in the room we just left but the patients in an entire neighborhood or school. Can you do that? Absolutely!

It is one of the goals of my many programs online to help you and others to accomplish that. So get out there and continue the strong tradition of nurses leading the charge for community health and wellness.

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