First up in the news for nurses this week is a look at a way you can engage local businesses on behalf of your facility or hospital. Creating flu shot clinics for local businesses can be an important corporate wellness tool that also can have an impact on the business bottom line.

Flu Season Is Here

Flu-Shot-VaccinationThe CDC estimates that between 5% and 20% of the nation’s population will contract the seasonal flu this year. That number can be greatly reduced through flu vaccines. We’ve already talked about the importance of healthcare professionals to get vaccinated each year but what can you do to improve the vaccination rates in your community.

There is a great article about this on the Huffington Post site about the benefits to businesses to have flu shot clinics in their offices for employees. This is a great area for public outreach for nurses and community health programs.

Improving Business Bottom Lines

Reducing flu outbreaks in a workplace can improve productivity, reduce lost work hours and impact the business’s bottom line. Nationally the flu costs over 100 million workdays and costs businesses more than seven billion dollars. This offers a chance for education about vaccine safety and efficacy, workplace safety, and other public health workplace messages.

There is some evidence that it may even help a company attract new employees as a way of showing benefits beyond the pay scale from a company. There is research that shows that this type of program is attractive to millennial job applicants so this could help with recruiting new, high-quality talent to a business.

There are many ways you as nurses can get involved with putting together such a program. If you’re already in a corporate environment as a nurse, you can advocate for bringing in such a program to your workplace wellness system.

If you work for a local hospital or facility, sending nurses out to local businesses during flu season as part of a wellness partnership can be a great promotional tool for the businesses and your hospital. Consider implementing a local series of business-based flu clinics in your community and improve the health of your neighborhood this flu season.

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