Next up in the news for nurses is a look at reducing the risk for child strokes. A recent study could tie reducing that risk with the application of simple treatment with standard childhood vaccines. We all know that the risk of strokes in children is small but pediatric strokes do happen.

Cold and Flu Increases Peds Stroke Risk

Girl-Doctor-Vaccine-Vaccination-babyResearchers have discovered that the risk increases whenever children have a cold or the flu. This discovery leads us to look at prevention of those illnesses through a variety of methods including improving vaccination rates. The risk of stroke increases up to six times higher when a child has had a recent ear infection, bronchitis, strep throat infection or seasonal influenza.

When a child has had no or few standard vaccinations, the risk for stroke goes up by a seven times multiplier. This just supports again the need for increased child vaccinations, not just for the regular series of shots, which all children should receive, but also for things like the seasonal flu shots. All these prevent illnesses in children, especially at-risk children like those with other concurrent illness like congenital heart disease or sickle cell disease.

We need to be proactive with the promotion of vaccines, especially to those parents with kids with chronic illnesses. These parents may wonder if their kids are candidates for vaccines and it is up to nurses and other healthcare professionals to encourage them to get their standard vaccines and educate them about vaccine safety. Promotion of other prevention methods are important, too. Stay tuned here to the Nursing Show for more on this and other important pediatric care topics in the future as I find them in the news.

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