Next up in the news for nurses is a look at an article I found that looks at the return on investment for businesses that create workplace wellness plans and exercise programs. This is important for nurses because many nurses work in corporate America and help their companies to manage these wellness programs.

Workplace ROI on Wellness Plans

nurse exercise self-careThe article I found over at the Huffington Post site looks at the benefits of these exercise and wellness plans that go beyond the savings in health benefits plans. There are also tangible benefits in the workplace itself including better productivity, less sick time taken, and more overall job satisfaction which leads to less turnover and human resources costs.

The research is in and the studies suggest that when an employee exercises up to three times each week for at least a half an hour, they have better job performance. When that exercise is incorporated into their work day, as in exercising during work hours, the chances of increased work performance goes even higher. There is also a mood improvement that goes to employee interaction with others including other workers and customers.

These exercising employees are also more resistant to stress and stress related illnesses. The top-down approach seems to work best. That is when the CEO and other top executives make a commitment to exercise as well. They are seen as engaging in the same programs as lower employees and that also had a positive effect on morale. The “CEO Pledge for Physical Activity” is a national campaign that gets executives to recognize the importance of physical activity on all aspects of employee performance and behavior.

You may find opportunities for you out there in the corporate sector for nurses. Keep your eyes open and if you are already doing things like this, you can always reach out to me here at the Nursing Show and I’ll share it here with the rest of the audience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Breastfeeding Workplace Decisions and Episode 371.



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