Finally, a look at the flu vaccination rates for healthcare workers and reduced flu symptoms. A new study out of Mexico suggests that earlier vaccination is better than late vaccination for seasonal flu. The researcher in the study calls it fairly straightforward. It makes sense. We know it takes several weeks for flu vaccination to take effect since antibodies take time to develop.

Early Vaccination Better For Health Workers

Flu-Shot-VaccinationWhile it’s not too late to get vaccinated now, the earlier in the season is better, especially for healthcare workers. We miss less time and have reduced symptoms when the flu vaccination comes earlier. We also pass fewer instances of flu on to our at-risk patients, protecting the population as a whole from our contact with sick people.

The sweet spot seems to be getting our flu shots before the first week of November. When health workers are vaccinated before then the effects are significant. We must remember that we can’t get the flu from the flu shot and that it is incumbent on us to do no harm. That includes protecting ourselves from preventable infections like the flu.

Have you gotten your flu shot this year? Let me know your thoughts on this study and the topic of flu shots for health care workers in general. I look forward to your comments on this article and by email to me here at


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