Next up in our important news for nurses is a look at some recent research that might be alarming to us in the nursing careers. Our jobs may be increasing our risk of heart disease from all of the strenuous activity during the course of our jobs. I’ve talked about job-based risks from things like shift work and night shift schedules. This is something else altogether.

Women With Strenuous Jobs At Risk

Nurse auscultating lung soundsEuropean researchers discovered that women who have highly active or strenuous jobs like nursing care may have increased risk for cardiovascular disease. The job tasks that create the risk are things like having to regularly stand, lift heavy objects (like patients), carrying heavy objects while walking, and other similar things.

They looked at over twelve thousand Danish nurses in a fifteen year period to see what their rates for cardiovascular diseases like hypertension. Their reasoning was that when you lift and carry something while moving, you are increasing your blood pressure and since you have a predisposed risk of hypertension, you risk a further cardiac event like a heart attack or a stroke. This seems to point to an increased risk for nurses with existing hypertension when performing strenuous nursing care activities.

The researchers stress that this is the first time that such a study has looked at women specifically and so up until now with the main research looking at men only, it had discounted women’s cardiovascular disease risk. Take a look at your existing health situation and the duties in your job and makes some changes to manage your hypertension if you have it so that you can safely perform your duties.

I’ll stay on top of this and you should read the whole article for more information on the research. I’ll have a link in the show notes for this episode so head over to for more information.


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Pam Ressler on the Future of Nursing and Episode 383.



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