First up in the nursing news this week is a look at how team approaches to patient care and health management is a good way to go. A recent news item I found over at looks at a recent study on hypertension management and the team care approach.

Community Health Care Team Approach

hypertension-Blood-Pressure-Monitorhypertension-Blood-Pressure-MonitorThis study comes to us from the University of Rochester, where researchers discovered that when the whole healthcare team, both in and out of the facility’s care team can positively influence the outcomes for patients with hypertension. This includes home care nurses, pharmacists at local pharmacies and more to be included in the care team process. The team approach creates a lower barrier to entry into a hypertension control program specific to the patient. The main item is to help each patient overcome challenges and barriers to their treatment in things like insurance, finding a home care provider and other aspects of their health management.

This study discovered that without the whole team approach to care, only about half of the patients were successful with their blood pressure management regime. After implementing the community team care approach to hypertension management, the researchers discovered about two-thirds (67%) of the patients were able to manage their hypertension successfully.

I think this is a great example of team care management and I wonder if there are nurses out there that might want to implement a similar program for research into other chronic health conditions where a team approach might be beneficial to better patient outcomes and compliance. If you know of one such study, send me the link or the contact information and I’ll take a look at it here on the Nursing Show. Just leave a comment on the article over at or email me at


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Pam Ressler on the Future of Nursing and Episode 383.



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