Finally I take a look at the women’s health issue that is not usually addressed in the workplace wellness arena. Women who work through middle age in the workforce must often deal with challenges they face during menopause. New European workplace guidelines are working to address that problem and help working women of menopausal age to work and receive the support they need to cope with their symptoms.

Menopause Workplace Interventions for Women

Menopause-womanAccording to the article I found over at the site, the European Menopause and Andropause Society published the guidelines for employers. They want bosses to be more sensitive to the physical and mental health changes that affect women during the time of physical change in their lives. The society recommends that employers be sensitive to things like hot flashes that may require the employee to need a cooler working environment and the need for flexible schedules for those dealing with insomnia.

Many women are afraid to request some accommodations from their employers when they reach menopause. The article’s authors recommend that employers should reach out to health care professionals and learn about how to supply support to their women who are dealing with menopause at work. Providing this support will help keep productivity up and build employee loyalty as well.

I urge you to check out the whole article. I’ll link to it in the show notes for this episode at You might be able to get your facility to work with community employers to provide support for their employees with menopause. It’s a great opportunity for outreach.


Make sure you follow-up on the links for this news item and all of the other news and additional resource links from this week’s episode – Antidepressants and Pregnancy and Episode 381.



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