Finally, in our last news item for nurses today, let’s continue in the nursing career outlook with a great article I found over at at the Houston Chronicle site. They do a great job of looking at the diverse health careers out there and the numerous opportunities available for nurses in non-traditional roles and settings.

Pediatric Nursing Careers

pediatric nursingThis particular article is a good look at pediatric nursing home care and the opportunities for nurses in this field. As more and more sick kids are being sent home to be tended by home and home health caregivers, we are going to see the home care arena for these sick kids. The benefits are many and varied. They include work and shift flexibility, one-on-one patient time, and even relaxed work attire, if that matters to you.

For me, I think most of you, the one-on-one care time with patients and their families is the best part of home care. It’s one of the reasons I liked being a paramedic. I got to see people in their homes and their so-called natural habitat. You get a different look at patients when you see them in their homes. There are questions for assessment that will occur to you only after you have seen people in their homes. That is why home safety and wellness assessment is part of the home care nursing process.

Home care nurses also get a wide variety of different healthcare situations. You see interesting equipment and conditions, and wounds that you wouldn’t necessarily see confined to a single unit in the hospital setting. So check out this article and others in the series there at to see what this nursing specialty career path is like and what you might find appealing there. I’ll try and look into other nursing specialties in future episodes here on the Nursing Show so stay tuned at


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