Next up in the news for nurses this week is a look at an article I found about the challenges rural hospitals are having getting nurses for their facilities. The story comes from and is a look at one new nursing grad looking for a rural nursing job and how a small rural facility extended a supportive hand to her to recruit her to work for them.

Nursing Jobs Open in Rural Regions

rural nurse jobsI think this is an important look at the nursing job market out there. I here from new nursing school grads in busy metropolitan areas all the time about how they are having trouble finding a job. They say that there is no such thing as a nursing shortage. The problem is that there are tons of open nursing jobs out there that go unfilled every week because not enough new nurses live anywhere near the facilities who are looking.

Some rural hospitals are working with urban universities and colleges to recruit nurses to travel work for them. Still these partnerships may not be enough as the nursing shortage continues to worsen. Now that the economic downturn is resolved and retirement accounts have recovered, more older nurses who put off retirement five years ago are now taking the opportunity to retire.

Nurse Shortage and Older Nurse Retirement

That means that the number of openings is going to continue to increase over the coming years as these retirements continue to go up. So there are nursing jobs out there, if you’re willing to move to where they are. For those who are not willing to move to rural areas, understand that there will be less demand for your services in urban and suburban regions and you may have to work harder to find work.

What are you new grads seeing out there. Does your experience match up with this article? I want to hear from you so check in with me here in the comments below this article or by email at I look forward to hearing from you.


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