AUVSLogoFinal-RGBI want to take a moment here to ask you what you do to prevent infections in your facility? Better yet, what do you do to prevent taking a hospital infection home to your family? You might be able to stop those infections from spreading in both directions if you had the Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS) Germicidal Enclosure at your facility.

AUVS is my official infection control partner for my upcoming trip to the AACN NTI conference in New Orleans. Here’s what you need to know. The AUVS KR615 Germicidal Enclosure fills the gap in your hospital’s Infection Prevention Protocol by treating devices that move freely around your hospital – from stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs to cell phones and tablets.

2516_034-SiloResizedNow, use UV affordably and safely to sanitize these known agents of cross contamination, killing 99.9% of C. diff and MRSA in just 48 seconds. If you’re going to the NTI conference in New Orleans this week stop by their booth #2847 while you’re there and check it out for yourself.

Otherwise, check out their video and information at and make sure you thank them for sponsoring the Nursing Show. Check it out.

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