Nezzie by BlickmanI have a question for you. How do you move your patients around the floor when you have to get them up and mobilized after surgery? Better yet, how do you do it with all their IV pumps, catheter bags, monitors, oxygen and whatever else they have attached to them?

You know that the sooner you can get them safely moving around, the better outcomes they’ll have. But doing it safely for both the patient and you is always a challenge. You should check out my conference travel partner Nezzie from It puts all those devices, bottles and pumps on one safe platform so that one person can help that patient ambulate safely.

Nezzie by BlickmanNezzie, developed by a thoracic surgeon, is a self-contained, stable and easy to use device that facilitates safe, early and frequent patient ambulation. Designed to reside bedside, Nezzie continuously holds all devices, monitors, oxygen and IV poles, thereby eliminating the need for clinicians to transfer and carry each item during ambulation.

Learn how Nezzie can save your hospital money and help improve patient outcomes. If you’re attending the NTI conference this week, stop by their booth and see the Nezzie in action for yourself. Visit Booth #2851 and see what Nezzie can do to transform your patient care.

If you can’t get to the conference, don’t worry, check out their video and information at and make sure you thank them for sponsoring the Nursing Show. Check it out for yourself.

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