An Olympic athlete deals with a chronic immune system disorder and we’ll look at the American Heart Association’s new Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) program and how it helped one hospital staffer perform high-quality CPR in a witness cardiac arrest in the field. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it. It’s the Nursing Show.

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Good day and welcome to this week’s episode of the Nursing Show podcast for nurses, by nurses. I’m your host Jamie Davis and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out the show this week. First up, in this week’s nursing news items, we have a look at the new American Heart Association (AHA) RQI program to increase proficiency with CPR performance. Then we have a look at Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres and her life as a competitive swimmer dealing with plaque psoriasis. We’ll have that and more later in this episode after the news.

Before we get to the news though, I’d like you to make sure you follow up on all of the information from this and every episode by heading over to and checking out the links in each episode’s show notes. There are also other articles and links there to things like the free Nursing Show mobile app, student nurse tips and a whole lot more. Make sure you are following up so you know how what I talk about in the show each week is applied using your own nursing scope of practice.

If you want to get back in touch with me, please drop me an email. You can send those e-mails in to I love to hear from you and I make sure I respond back to every email that comes in. Send me links to news items you’d like me to cover, interview suggestions with you or somebody you know.

Also, a special thank you to Physio-Control and the American Heart Association and their excellent CPR resources for a special partnership supporting this episode of the podcast. That’s it. I will have more contact information coming up later on in this episode. Let’s get into this week’s news items coming right up!


resuscitation quality improvement cprJoin me as I interview Christiana Adams, a unit clerk in a hospital who ran into a sudden cardiac arrest victim on a jogging trail near her home. See how her hospital’s use of the new Resuscitation Quality Improvement program from the AHA helped her provide high-quality CPR with confidence and save a man’s life in the process.



Olympian Dara Torres

When Dara Torres returned from her poolside reporting duties in Rio, she dove into her next assignment—launching the SHOW MORE OF YOU campaign at, which aims to inspire people living with psoriasis to raise awareness about their condition and celebrate their accomplishments. Despite living with plaque psoriasis since the late 1990s, Dara never let fear or embarrassment stop her from achieving her goals, which included being the first and only female swimmer to represent the U.S. in five Olympic Games. Join me as I interview this amazing 12-time Olympic medalist here on the Nursing Show.


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