A look at blood cancers, transitioning pediatric special needs patients to adult care, and a look at how night shift work can affect your health with fellow podcasters Dustin and Angela Ballard. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it. It’s the Nursing Show.

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Welcome to the Show

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Good day and welcome to this week’s episode of the Nursing Show podcast for nurses, by nurses. I’m your host Jamie Davis and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out the show this week. First up in this week’s episode, we have a special interview on helping patients with suspected blood cancer.

Then we chat with a mother and her child’s doctor on how to transition special needs pediatric patients to adult specialists. Finally, we’ll wrap up the show with a look at how we can help our bodies adjust to night shift work safely. We’ll have that and more later in this episode after the news.

Before we get to the news though, I’d like you to make sure you follow up on all of the information from this and every episode by heading over to NursingShow.com and checking out the links in each episode’s show notes. There are also other articles and links there to things like the free Nursing Show mobile app, student nurse tips and a whole lot more. Make sure you are following up so you know how what I talk about in the show each week is applied using your own nursing scope of practice.

If you want to get back in touch with me, please drop me an email. You can send those e-mails in to NursingShow@Gmail.com. I love to hear from you and I make sure I respond back to every email that comes in. Send me links to news items you’d like me to cover, interview suggestions with you or somebody you know.

Also, a special thank you to Physio-Control and the American Heart Association and their excellent CPR resources for a special partnership supporting this episode of the podcast. That’s it. I will have more contact information coming up later on in this episode. Let’s get into this week’s news items coming right up!


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society President Dr. Louis J. DeGennaro and patient Erin Zammett Ruddy know first-hand how overwhelming and terrifying a blood cancer diagnosis can be. At 23 Erin was told she had chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), a rare blood cancer that, up until that point, had been ultimately fatal in the majority of cases. Check out the upcoming segment where I talk with her and Dr. DeGennaro about how we as nurses can help recognize and manage our blood cancer patients.

Next, many children with neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy or metabolic disorders, have special physical or emotional needs. As they get older, it becomes necessary to transition from a pediatric to adult health care team. But for one in six children in the US living with a neurological disorder, resource to help with this process have been historically limited and many families need additional direction. Here to offer some guidelines on this topic are Dr. Lawrence Brown, the chair of the Child Neurology Foundation Transition Project Committee and Authoring Panel, and Loretta Boileau, whose child has a severe form of epilepsy. Check it out.

Tip Segment:

Finally in this week’s show is a chat with podcasters and health care professionals, Dr. Dustin Ballard and his wife and nurse, Angela Ballard. They are the hosts of the Medically Clear podcast and are here to chat with me about how to help manage shift work and the body’s need for adjustment to lack of a regular sleep schedule.


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