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About Host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

Jamie Davis, RN, NRP, B.A., A.S., host of the Nursing Show is a nationally recognized medical educator who began educating new emergency responders as a training officer for his local EMS program.  As a media producer, he has been recognized for the MedicCast Podcast, a weekly program for emergency medical providers like EMTs and paramedics, and the Nursing Show, a similar program for nurses and nursing students. His programs and resources have been downloaded over 6 million times by listeners and viewers.

Jamie speaks nationally on health care, technology, and education and is an advocate for integrating podcasting and media creation in schools at all levels. He has spoken at the Podcast and New Media Expo, been a featured faculty member of the Podcast Secrets course, and has been invited to speak and MC at medical conferences and expos around the world.

Jamie is also the managing director of the ProMed Network, a collection of the best and brightest independent medical podcasters and new media creators currently available online. The network now comprises over 30 independently produced programs for medical and health care professionals at all levels. These trusted resources for high quality medical education and information reach over 500,000 downloads to medical professionals every month.

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  1. Tom Baer says:

    I love your show. I am a staff member at a nursing school, and I am not a nurse and this show is an engaging way for me to learn more about what our students and faculty are doing.

  2. Jamie Davis says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love to hear from listeners to the Nursing Show podcast.

    Stay safe!

    Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

  3. Mary L. says:

    I love this show. Thank goodness for your taking the initiative to create a space for nurses, new (such as myself) and experienced, to explore and learn, refresh our knowledge in a relaxed manner. It really hits the spot for me.

  4. Julie Bohlen says:

    I featured you in my Featured Nurses series. See http://bit.ly/cAbI57

    If anything incorrect in my post, please let me know, and I will fix. I tweeted it out through @organizedwisdom account.

    I tried to DM you, but you aren’t following @organizedwisdom. Please do. Would like to connect on Twitter.

    You had been recommended to us as a nurse who actively curates great resources online.
    I have an acceptance email with helpful links and information to send you. Please email me and I’ll send it along. We are pleased to recognize you for helping others discover quality information.

    Hope all is well and best wishes for a very happy holiday season.

    Warm regards,

    Julie Bohlen
    VP Professional Services

  5. Katie Rose McGauhey says:

    Hi Jamie–

    Thank you so much for your podcasts. I am an ED RN and a clinical instructor at my local university. I recently went back to school to obtain my masters as a CNS and nurse educator. I have to commute 2 hours each way to my program and I listen to the Nursing Show Online during my drive. It provides me lots of food for thought and is a great supplement to my educational experience.

    I just discovered Insights in Nursing and I am looking forward to listening to it today.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Katie Rose

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  7. Taylor says:

    This show has been very beneficial to me as I moved from student nurse to RN. I love hearing why all your guests on the show decided to go into nursing, and how they ended up in their current field. As a brand new nurse working in the ICU, I am curious as to where I will end up, and how to find my calling in nursing. Thank you for all you do.

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    Check my listing – http://healthcareadministrationdegree.co/top-40-nursing-blogs-2016/

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