Jamie Davis, RN, NRP, BA is a noted online radio and TV host. His shows for health care professionals have been downloaded more than 4 million times and he has spoken on educational topics to national audiences. Yet despite his success he struggled with math.

Med-Math-SimplifiedMed Math Simplified represents the hard lessons he learned while becoming a paramedic and later a nurse. It uses the concepts of dimensional analysis with a good old common sense approach to learning the math and formulas needed to safely and correctly arrive at drug doses for your patients.

This book was originally created as part of an online video course at MedMathSimplified.com where Jamie took viewers on a step-by-step tour of the problems and equations in the program. Many of his audience members wanted a resource they could take with them after the course to review and practice the skills learned in the video program. Thus the eBook and paperback book versions of the program were borne.

Ultimately, it is Jamie’s hope that you are successful in building a stronger grasp of your math skills after reviewing the material in this book. As a healthcare professional, it is an important part of your asssessment and treatment skills to understand and use these concepts in the field with your patients. That is the goal of this book and the video series.

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