Nursing Show host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic is working with Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler podcast to put together a listener cruise excursion for the Nursing Show community.

Chris is an experienced travel excursion planner and he and Jamie are hoping to put together the first of many exciting Nursing Show community meet-ups to come starting this spring. We’ve even created a new site just for this event at

Are you interested in learning more or sharing your ideas for a cruise with other nurses?

We Want to Hear From Nurses

Share your ideas at our Nursing Show Cruise survey. Just three questions and you can be finished in just a few minutes!

  • Are you interested in a cruise or travel with other nurses and listeners?
  • Where do you want to cruise or visit?
  • What activities or con-ed opportunities are you looking for?

Visit the survey link or sign up for our special cruise newsletter below. This newsletter will only be used for cruise and travel related information and as always your information is kept strictly private and will not be shared with anyone else.

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  2. Jon Sykes says:

    I would rather have a mission trip/nursingshow get together or education event.

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