More Testing Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Here is the second installment of the two -part student nurse tip articles on answering multiple choice exams. (Find part 1 of this Nursing Test Taking segment here.)

1. If you read a question and you have absolutely no idea what the answers is and you cannot eliminate any of the answer choices, make an intelligent guess and move on. If you think you may be able to think of the correct answer if you take some time to think about it, circle it and come back to it after you finish answering the other questions. (Note, if you get to the end of the exam and you’re out of time, make sure to go back and choose an answer for the question you skipped—don’t leave it blank!)

2. If you are recording your answers on a separate answer sheet, make sure to mark the correct answer on the exam itself , that is if you’re allowed to write on separate papers other than your exam sheet. If you have enough time at the end, double check that your marked answers on the exam and the answers you put on the answer sheet match up. If not, fix the problem.

3.  Answer choices with words that generalize like “always”, “never”, “all”, and “none” tend to be wrong. Of course, that still depends on the question.

4. In nursing exams like the NCLEX, there are two obvious wrong answers. Identify those and eliminate them. Now, you have a 50% chance of getting the correct answer if you still don’t know what the answer is. Make an intelligent guess.

Remind you, test taking strategies are just guidelines to help you understand and analyze the questions given. Knowing the correct answer will still depend on your knowledge and how much you prepared for the exam. Study hard, review you lessons, go over your previous assignments, get proper rest and sleep. If you do all these, you will have a better chance of passing your exams and head on your way to being a professional nurse.

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