With the semester almost over and students dreading what their final grade will be, how do you finish strong and get through the last few days? If you know that you did well early in the start of the semester, then all you have to worry about is doing good in the finals.

If you’re in doubt about your performance, maybe you have to take some measures to pull up your grades a little more before the semester ends.

6 Tips to Improve Your Nursing School Grades

Attend all your classes

It seems obvious but I’m always amazed at the number of nursing students who blow off some of their classes. Missing a class may have a lot of weight on your final grade. Sure, you can read on what you missed to try and catch up, but understanding may be difficult without the instructor’s perspective and lecture. On top of the missed information, missing class gives your instructor the impression that you lack interest in your studies. When the time comes and the instructor is on the fence about your grade, that missed day could add up to a vote against you.

If you really have to miss class, ask permission from the instructor and try to make up for what you missed during that day.

Put unnecessary activities aside

Instead of not doing anything or doing something unrelated to your studies, read on the topics you’re having a difficult time with. Use breaks between classes to scan your books and be prepared before coming in to class. If you really need to pull up your grades, you have to make a little sacrifice and focus on studying. You can do all your extra-curriculars after the semester.

Participate in discussions

Share your thoughts in class and ask questions about the topic that you can’t understand or need to clarify. Being active in class discussions not only helps you learn but also lets the instructor know that you are interested in learning. Who knows, they might give you an additional incentive for this.

Put extra effort in final pieces of homework

Some students do their homework just because it has to be turned in. A really well thought out and well presented piece can show a lot about the student who turns it in. An instructor sees when students really work hard for their homework and grade them higher than those who took their homework for granted. Besides, you’re doing yourself a favor because you get a better understanding of your subject by doing it well.

Ask for extra credit

You can ask your instructor to give you extra homework or project. It never hurts to ask and your instructors really do want you to succeed. This is the best opportunity an instructor can give you to be able to pull up your grades. As was mentioned earlier, make sure to put in some extra effort if you are given this opportunity.

Prepare and setup to study well for the nursing finals

The final exam is your last chance for the whole semester.  How you study and prepare to study is more important than how much you study. Avoid cramming and be well prepared. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the finals.

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