Students might find reading textbooks impractical because of reading myths like you have to read every word, reading fast means less comprehension and more. However, most of the information students need are in the textbooks so if they want to pass the finals, they really have to get their heads in those books.

Nurse Textbook Study & Reading Study Tips

So how can students get the most out their textbooks? One technique usually used is the SQ3R method. It stands for Survey, Question, Read, Review and Recite.  There is a link to other study aids at the link at the bottom of the page.

1. Survey

Before reading, scan the titles, headings, pictures and chapter summaries. This provides you a quick overview and prepares you for learning more. This is good especially if you need to only have an idea on the topic or if you just have to refresh your memory on it.

2. Question

Actively ask yourself questions as you read. Questions give you a purpose for reading and help you stay focused on the reading assignment. The headings or subheadings in the chapter can be used as guides in forming questions. This is only applicable to the content and not to the Introduction, Summary or Conclusion parts of the chapter.

3. Read

Read the information required to answer the formed questions earlier. When doing this, make sure to stay focused and flexible and read on the information that you really need to avoid having to read the whole thing.

4. Review

Review main concepts, reflect on key learningsand anticipate questions that are most likely to come up in the exams. Nursing textbooks usually provide summaries or practice questions at the end of each chapter. Use these to do this method.

5. Recite

Read out loud things that you need to remember. Hearing the information provides another way for the brain to accept the data and is very useful particularly for auditory learners. In addition to reading, reciting helps process information to long-term memory

In whatever studying method you use, it is important that the environment you choose has adequate lighting and is conducive for studying. (Source for SQ3R Method: Dartmouth, Academic Skills Center)

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